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National German Honor Society Theta Beta Chapter


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Article I

Name and Purpose


Section 1. The name of the society shall be the Theta Beta Chapter of Delta Phi Alpha represented by the colors black, red, and gold. The letters Delta Phi Alpha stand for the Greek words signifying “Torchbearers for Humankind.”


Section 2. The purpose of the society is to promote the study of the German language, literature and civilization and endeavors to emphasize those aspects of German life and culture which are of universal value and contribute to man’s eternal search for peace and truth.


Article II



Section 1. Members of this chapter shall be chosen from undergraduate and graduate students of the University of Nebraska at Omaha, and should give indication of continued interest in the study of the German language, literature and culture.  Furthermore, membership eligibility includes only currently enrolled students of the University of Nebraska at Omaha and University of Nebraska Students who pay University Program and facilities fees.


Section 2.  Qualifications for student membership shall be as follows:


                                                i.            A minimum of 2.75 (on 4.0 scale) in overall studies

                                              ii.            A minimum of 3.3 (on 4.0 scale) or its equivalent in all German courses taken

                                            iii.            A minimum of two (2) years of university German or equivalent with the attainment of sophomore standing, including the completion of at least one semester of the upper division German courses (above 2120) at the University of Nebraska at Omaha

                                             iv.            Initiation of new members shall take place during a meeting at least once a semester, when students are eligible.

                                               v.            Once a person is a member of Delta Phi Alpha he always remains so. However, voting members shall only be those currently enrolled students at UNO.

                                             vi.            No one maybe be denied membership on the basis of race, color, age, disability, religion, gender, (including harassment), national origin, marital status, Vietnam-era status, political affiliation, sexual orientation or any other unlawful reason






Article III

Executive Committee Officers


Section 1. The elected officers will be a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  The administration of the chapter shall be the responsibility of the Executive Officers, collectively known here forth as the Executive Committee.


Section 2.  Duties and responsibilities of each respective officer include but are not limited:


                                                i.            The President shall call and preside over all regular, summer and       special meetings of the chapter and be its representative and chief diplomat.

                                              ii.            The Vice-President will execute the duties of the president in the event of the latter’s absence or as assigned by the president.

                                            iii.            The Secretary will record minutes of the meetings, type the minutes, and then read the minutes at the following meetings. The Secretary will be responsible for membership correspondence and official communications.  

                                             iv.            The Treasurer will be responsible for collecting, managing, and dispensing the funds of the chapter.  The Treasurer will prepare financial statements for its membership and Executive Council as requested.


Section 3. Election of the officers are to be held annually in the spring before the               end of the semester and the term of office of those elected shall begin in the fall and continue for the duration of the school year.


                                                i.            A quorum of the voting members of the chapter must be present at the meeting at which elections are held.

                                              ii.            Students shall be nominated from the voting membership to the four                positions and a plurality of votes by secret ballot received by a candidate shall elect him to his office.

                                            iii.            No special qualifications above general membership requirements are necessary for the holding of office. Officers are to be enrolled students at UNO during their entire terms of office.

Section 4. Standing Committees and their respective Chairperson(s) may be appointed ad hoc at the discretion of the President and/or Executive Committee to serve during the tenure in office of the Board, which appoints them. Such Standing Committees and special officers may be necessary to carry out the work of the Executive Committee.


Article IV


Section 1.  This Chapter shall at all times have an advisor that may be a faculty or administrative staff member of the University of Nebraska at Omaha or an interested community member.


Article V

Meetings, Rules, Procedures


Section 1.  Meetings of the Theta Beta chapter’s members and faculty advisor will take place at least once each month.  Meetings shall be determined by the President after due consultation with the Executive Committee. 


Section 2.   A quorum of this Theta Beta Chapter shall be a simple majority of the voting membership present at any meeting called by the president.


Section 3.   Robert’s Rules of Order shall be used during the meeting of the chapter.


Section 4.  Financial matters will be handled by the Treasurer. Operating funds of the chapter are to be held in a bank account in the Cooperative Trust Fund (Student Bank) in accordance with the wishes of the University.


Section 5.  Each new member is to pay a one-time fee of $20 to the national organization. Each member will also pay an additional $10 to cover any other operating expenses incurred by the chapter. Any student unable to pay the above mentioned fees may see the president for aid in doing so.


Section 6.  The initiation ritual shall take place at an induction ceremony held at least once a semester conducted by the president and/or advisor administering the oath of membership as contained in chapter bylaws


Article VI


Section 1.  Student Government must approve all changes to this constitution in the same manner as a completely new constitution.


Section 2.  Proposed amendments to this constitution may be submitted at any meeting by a voting member.  A vote will be taken at the next meeting at which a quorum of the voting membership is present. A majority vote shall render the proposed amendment ratified at such time it is submitted and approved pursuant to Article VI, Section 1.